By: Steven Johnson, Host of the CaP Show

Saturday marked the first day of playoffs, and there was one good game. Cincinnati had a chance to win, but an interception, as they were going to score, cost them the game. The Bengals kept the game close, but the better team prevailed, and that was the Houston Texans. Arian Foster played like the pro bowler he is, and Matt Schaubb played well enough to win. There next test is the New England Patriots, man what a difficult task that will be. The Texans offense will have to come out swinging and not come out flat in order to win this game.

Now the other game on Saturday was the Vikings vs the Packers. Christian Ponder did not play because of tricep bruise. Minnesota looked good at first but their passing game lacked tremendously! Joe Webb was thought to be the X factor in this game but he stink it up with his terrible passing. The Packers were the obvious better team and they played like it too, their offense was never challenged. The only reason why the game was interesting is because the all mighty Adrian Peterson was playing and he failed to produce like he did in the two previous games.

In today’s games, the first game was Ravens vs Colts, in Ray Lewis’s last home game for the Ravens. Every one say in anticipation to see Lewis come out and do the signature dance and as he did, I found myself doing the dance too! The Ravens dominated in the game and made Luck looked like a true rookie. Ray Lewis had a game high 13 tackles and 1 pass defended. All in all they looked great today, even though Ray Rice had two fumbles lost. Hopefully the Ravens can give the Broncos and Peyton a run for their money because I want to see Lewis with a championship in his final year.

Finally the last game of the day was the most anticipated game of the playoffs, the rookie bowl… RG3 vs R-Dub! Russell Wilson and the Seahawks didn’t come out on fire until the second quarter making the game a 14-13 score in favor of the Redskins. Seahawks stopped RG3 in almost every possession in the third and fourth quarter. Russell Wilson looked poised and determined to win the game. Griffin did not finish the game because of his sprained knee. His knee gave him enough juice to get passed the Cowboys, but the Seahawks the juice let up. Cousins finished the game and he failed to put points on the board. The Seahawks are truly a team to worry about in playoffs.

So here are the upcoming games, Houston vs New England; Baltimore vs Denver, for the AFC, and Green Bay vs San Francisco; Seattle vs Atlanta… Want my prediction? Sure, listen to the CaP Show on Wednesday night 730-930… “Put ya CaP on!!!”


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