What must be done?

By Steven Johnson, host of the CaP Show

So as the Cowboys were coming back last week I saw a true playoff team! Until it happened… Another dumb mistake because of an inexperienced coach.

Jason Garrett is supposedly one of the smartest coaches in the league. But as the great Mike Ditka says, “you can be the smartest person in the room, but sometimes you have to be a bully.” Jason Garrett certainly is not that! The Cowboys need someone who has “skins on the wall”, a little more experience then a back up out of Harvard, a qbs coach, and a offensive coordinator who doesn’t believe in running the ball.

I think Jason could be a descent coach but he MUST give up play calling. I’m sorry but Bill Callahan got the Raiders to the Super Bowl, so I think he has a tad bit more knowledge I’m certain situations. Romo is not to blame at all! If anything point fingers at our all mighty owner/GM/president/god of the cowboys.

Jerry if i may say, please do something! Step aside as GM and let Steven Jones take care of it. The team will still be In the family and you can still have input on the team. I’m sorry but you are 70 something years old and its not healthy. We are supposed to be America’s Team, but we play like UT of last year at times! I get dumbfounded watching the games sometimes because of all the dumb penalties and the high school mistakes that are made.

So with that being said, I do believe that the cowboys will have a way better game today against Cam Newton and the Panthers. The defense will again prove why they are top 10 in the league. Romo will play great, but Felix is who we need to worry about. He definitely can not come out and be the fat kid that can only run a 5.1 40yd dash. So ‘Boys please male me proud and let’s to on a run; Jason Garrett please be smart on clock management and play calls. Because if everything gels then we are definitely title contenders!!!!!


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