It is Finished

By Steven Johnson, Host of the CaP Show


Those of you that think you are great in fantasy football I would love for you to test your might in the first annual CaP Show fantasy league!!! There will be a $100 Visa gift card on the line for the league. The cost of the league will be $25 but it will be well worth it. Mad smack talking will happen, so if you are sensitive please do not join lol.

I, of course, will be the commisioner of the league, so call me Mr. GoodJohnson! Also the winner shall receive a trophy with their team name, record, year, and etc. on it. This will be a great year for football, so join us on the CaP Show so we can talk trash on the air and I can lay the smack down on my cohosts lol.

Spots are filling up, so if you are reading this and would like to be apart of it, just reply to this post with your email, and an email will be sent to that address. Then we can get you rolling!!!

“Put ya CaP on!”


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