I can’t wait for the Fall!!!

by Steven Johnson, Host of the CaP Show

So I have to say that this summer has to be the most disappointing summer that I can remember in my sports life. Besides Michael Jordan retiring for the second time (the last championship), this is the toughest time. I feel like I have no one to cheer for lol. Yes baseball season is in full bloom, but there are so many games, that it is so hard to keep up with every single game. So now I sit on my phone waiting for updates on Twitter and on ESPN… Sadly this summer, I haven’t had any good updates for my Dallas Mavericks.

I get more depressed each day each time I see one of my prized free agents sign with another team. So, today I look on ESPN, and see that Hinrich wants to sign with the Bulls again!!!! I know Cuban is a smart man, but with only your D-League signed to contracts and your rookies only signed, I definitely do not think a championship can be obtained. Yes Dirk is an amazing player, but he needs help!!! So I truly hope (as I said in my previous post) that we sign O.J. Mayo. I think he is the last remaining free agent that is worth an almost long term deal.

So now with all of my complaining out of the way, I look forward to my Cowboys!!!! Tony Romo will be the leader that everyone is expecting, and with the full off season under Rob Ryan, the defense will be beast mode!!! I do not want to be disappointed again from my boys, and I don’t think they will.

Romo has matured as a leader and I think that he can become that vocal leader that people want! D-Ware will (my prediction) will kill the sack record this year. It shall be a year like back when the Cowboys were 13-3, but with a better playoff outcome.

So I need the fall to hurry up and come. Not for school and not for college ball, but to get my hopes back up in my professional life!!!!!


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