Even When I’m Wrong… I’m Right



Greetings from the all powerful Negrodamus. Two weeks ago I said Derron Williams was coming to Dallas. Well he did come to Dallas… only he chose not to stay in Dallas. Therefore, I was right even though I was wrong…haha. I did not see the Joe Johnson trade coming which I believe had a significant effect on D Will’s decision not to come to Dallas. That and the fact that no matter what athletes say… MONEY TALKS. I can’t fault the man for wanting the big bucks… especially if you have an owner whose willing to pay the luxury taxes to insure he has a team that can compete with the big boys.

As most of you know, I’m personally not a fan of the Mavericks, I respect them and I respect Cuban… but I never hopped on the Maverick band wagon. I think it would have been interesting to have D Will and I wonder if that deal would have enticed Howard to really take a good look at the Mavs but, that’s an answer we’ll never know.

In other news I’m really perplexed by all of these high profile football players who seem to get in trouble in the off season. Most notably one of the best RB’s in the game Adrian Peterson. These guys know they are walking targets, why would you risk endorsement deals and a squeaky clean image… for a night of drinking that clearly effected your judgement skills. It’s just not worth it! Where are your bodyguards?? Where are your friends who are supposed to tell you to chill out and that it’s not a good idea?? At the end of the day it’s the athletes fault but at the same time the company you keep around you should be looking out for you. If I’m not mistaken in most cases they athlete is paying for your services/company so why would you not protect the hand that feeds you.

There’s so much more I want to put on this blog… but being Negrodamus… I have already forseen that you would give up eating, sleeping, talking to your loved ones, going to work, and you’d have to remind yourself to breathe just from all of the cosmic knowledge and opinions I would throw out at you. That would be reckless on my part and I’m not trying to get sued. So I just give you… the adoring C.A.P. Show fans just little tidbits just to get your mind thinking. With that being said… Tune into the show on Wed… it’s gonna be a GREAT SHOW


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