The Aftermath!!!!

by Steven Johnson, Host of the CaP Show

So after all the suspense and the thought that D WIll was going to come to Dallas, the all knowing Negro-damus was wrong lol. We all thought that D Will was coming to Dallas, but to be honest I do understand why he didn’t. He wanted his own team and the Brooklyn Nets are his! Dallas is still Dirk’s team. Now, I do think Dallas has a problem. They did not sign Nash, and now Kidd is gone. It was like in a twinkling of an eye.

There will be backlash at our great owner, Mark Cuban. His plan, thus far looks TERRIBLE!!!!!! But hey, who knows they may find something in some type of sign and trade, or even a free agent. Sources of ESPN are saying that they are looking at Raymond Sessions and O J Mayo, a person I said that they should sign. Kirk Hinrich, Aaron Brooks, Randy Foye, and Raymond Felton are also on their radar. It seems that a team with nice cap space isn’t trying to make moves. Dirk has even said that he is too old for a rebuilding team. Are we actually rebuilding? I don’t know what Mr Cuban is thinking, but I am sure that he has something up his sleeves.

I think OJ Mayo would be a great piece to this team, and keep them in playoffs. He is long, quick, strong, and can create his own shot. Raymond Felton may not be as good as J Kidd, but he is a hell of a lot quicker, and can actually make lay ups. I think that he can get better under Ric Carlisle. I know everyone is worried about the team, but Mark Cuban would not do anything to hurt his team to not be a possible contender. If you do remember, Lamar Odom was the raining 6th man of the year, and if that would have worked out I do not think the Mavs would’ve been swept at all.

Who knows what is going to happen in the near future, but I do hope the Mavs make the right moves so that I can keep confidence in my team. So until they give me a true, TRUE reason to not trust them, I will continue to cheer for my home town team and say that they will be playoff contenders next year!!!



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