Gotta give respect

By Steven Johnson, Host of the Cap Show

So, on Wednesday night, I said that I thought the OKC Thunder would take the 3-1 series to a 7th game. I was obviously wrong, and by a lot. I can honestly say that I wasnt expecting a blow out. I truly thought that Lebron’s leg cramps was going to bother him, and again I was far from right from that. So I do have respect for Lebron. Congratulations!!! A triple double (26 pts/11 reb/13 assists). He became the fifth player in NBA history to have a triple double in a title clinching game. Congrats Lebron.

OKC came out so lax, and lethargic. It seems that they just could not get into a groove at all. James Harden played terrible – yet again as the sixth man, and no one else from OKC could step up and score. I truly think that this was a learning experience for the Thunder, most importantly, Kevin Durant. He is the leader of the Thunder, and he has learned what it feels like to lose in the finals. I truly think that they will continue to be a force to be dealt with in the Western Conference for many years to come.

Russell Westbrook will have to mature a lot over the off-season, if they wanna make it back to the finals. His immature play at times truly did cost them. Westbrok does have the tendency to shoot a lot, and there were times tonight where Durant just needed to demand the ball.

In essence, they need to mature together as a team. A more mature mind set, and lets not forget they are young. The oldest person on the team thats on the books for the upcoming year is Kendric Perkins, 27. The average age for the team is 25. But this post is supposed to be for Lebron because I would give him so much crap. I gave him a lot of crap for being called the “King without a ring”. Now James’ does, and he did it in great fashion. This is Lebron’s team! Dewayne Wade knows it, and Miami knows it. I think that the Heat could be set for another couple of championships in the near future.

I do not think that it will be back to back years like some people think, but they will have a dominant team. So, I’ll end with props again to Lebron, Congrats!

On another note, “Lets go Mavs!”



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