North Texas to face UNLV in Heart of Dallas Bowl



by DeMario Davis

On January 1, 2014, the North Texas Mean Green (8-4, 6-2 in CUSA) will face the UNLV Rebels (7-5, 5-3 in MWC) in the third annual Heart of Dallas Bowl, presented by Plains Capital Bank, at the historic Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas, Texas at 9:00 a.m. PT on ESPNU.



For the Mean Green, their regular season couldn’t have ended any better, especially with 2013 being their first season in Conference USA. They now join Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Houston, and Baylor in the college football bowl season. The State of Texas has six out of 12 Texas teams playing in bowl games in 2013 – the highest among any state.

Going into the 2013 season, there were many questions about the Mean Green. UNT opened the $79 million dollar Apogee Stadium in 2011, and it didn’t make a difference for the team. They had back-to-back losing seasons in 2011 and 2012. In Dave Campbell’s Texas Football, UNT head coach Dan McCarney said that his 2013 team was the best team that he has had since he took over the team in 2011. The team pulled off impressive wins against Rice, Tulsa, Southern Mississippi, and Louisiana Tech. They now have their first winning season since 2004, and are on the cusp of ending a bowl drought of almost a decade.



The UNLV football team is heading to its first bowl game in 13 years. It has been a long journey for the Rebels, and it has been almost three decades since the Rebels left home for a bowl game. The last time was when Randall Cunningham quarterbacked the squad in the California Bowl played in Fresno. The last two were played in Las Vegas (Las Vegas Bowl). The Rebels are undefeated (3-0) in bowl games.

The Cotton Bowl is not unchartered territory for the Rebels. UNLV has played at Cotton Bowl Stadium once before, as the Rebels took on SMU there on Oct. 24, 1998, when both teams were part of the old 16-team Western Athletic Conference.

“Obviously our program is very excited to be playing in a bowl game — particularly one on New Year’s Day” UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck said. “I’m very excited for our players who have worked so hard to have this experience. We’re going to prepare hard, have fun and have a good performance in the Heart of Dallas Bowl on January 1.”  Source:



UNLV, which won their final two regular-season games to reach the seven-win mark for only the third time since that 1984 season, finished in a tie for third place in the MWC West Division, while UNT tied for second place in the C-USA’s West Division.



ONE- This is the first time that the North Texas Mean Green has been bowl eligible since 2004, when the team won four consecutive four consecutive Sun Belt Conference titles starting in 2000.

TWO- The Mean Green has outscored opponents 136-73 in the second quarter this season, while UNLV has been outscored 151-132.

THREE- The UNLV Rebel offense has lost just four fumbles this season, which ranks third among both FBS and FCS schools.

FOUR- Four players from the Rebels will be making the trip back to familiar territory for the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Senior defensive lineman Parker Holloway (Trinity Christian Academy), Junior defensive back Kenneth Perry, and Sophomore defensive backs Brandon Baker, and David Greene (Lancaster HS, Skyline HS), all hail from the Dallas area. The Rebels have 10 players from Texas

FIVE- The Heart of Dallas bowl will be the fifth meeting between the two teams. The Rebels lead the series 4-0. The closest margin of victory is one point, when the Rebels edged the Mean Green 27-26 in their first meeting (November 1, 1986). The largest margin of victory was the last time the two teams met (September 16, 2000). The Rebels blanked the Mean Green 38-0.

SIX- This will be the 13th bowl game between Conference USA, an the Mountain West Conference. The series is tied 6-6.

SEVEN- The Rebels finished the 2013 Mountain West campaign with a 7-5 record, and a 4-3 mark at home.

EIGHT- The Mean Green finished the season at 8-4, and finished with a 6-2 conference mark in their first season in Conference USA play.

NINE- Mean Green Senior wide receiver Breland Chancellor’s kickoff return average of 28.1 yards per return ranks ninth in the NCAA. He has one kickoff, and punt return for touchdowns this season.

TEN- Junior defensive back, Kenneth Perry has averaged 1.3 passed defended per game for the Rebels. His 16 passes defended ranks 10th in the nation among defensive backs.

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Touched Bi an Asian Angel…a Gay Asian Angel

By Coach

Okay folks.  I want you to know right off the bat this is not a sports post.  This a manstyle post.  I want all of you thinking about getting a foot massage to be aware of the seedy side effects of metro-sexuality.  Don’t be a gentle victim like I was.

The room was dark and intimate with beds lined symmetrically and neatly resembling that of a boot camp dorm. Oils, candles and lotions adorned the sides of the preparation table. In the air were the sultry, sexually hypnotic sounds of jazz that lightly echoed throughout the chamber containing an innovating mix of classic Kenny G-esque sounds that would surely accompany a tantric, no-holds-barred lovemaking session at any other time.

Soft brown fingers gently caressed first my back, neck and then feet sending me into a world of relaxation I had not known for quite some time. Was it pure bliss I thought? Was I in heaven I wondered? No, came the answer as instantaneously as when he told me to turn over so he could massage my front parts.

Immediately at that point I thought, you’re Gay!

Yes America, I think I am Gay. And it took a $30 foot massage from Jin De Foot Spa for me to figure it out.

Damn, I thought I was the All-American boy growing up.

I looked back on my life and thought of all the things that could have possibly led to this point and I could come up with absolutely nothing.

Naked chicken fights in the pool at the Catholic Church with Father Dooley? Nope. Washing a teammate’s back and taint in the shower after football practice? Everyone did that. Sharing the last Popsicle or banana with your buddy? That’s what friends are for. Tea-bagging a friend in the mouth and keeping it there until he admitting you finally got him and then enjoying some summer sausage in the kitchen and talking about Oprah? You’re gay if you haven’t done that.

No became full-gay the moment I got onto that table and noticed when the masseuse brought in the old-school kimchee bucket and wasn’t immediately leaving. I kept looking at the door as we sat alone in the room, waiting for some hot Asian broad in a kimono with little feet to enter. But my looks went in vain as Wand Doodle never had any intention in leaving my side.

I was hoping against hope as he had me place my feet in the bucket.

“Okay, he’s just getting me prepped,” I thought.

Then he asked me to lie down on the bed.

“Alright, someone else is coming in here at any minute,” I said bemused.

Then as quickly as a crouching tiger, he placed a blanket across me and lubed up his hands with some type of eucalyptus cream and began massaging my head. All the while I lay in denial thinking he was doing what he needed to do because the other women were tied up. But that would not be the case at all. It was me and him—he and I and we were alone.

Suddenly the room went from being an ideal place to discover your Chi to the day room in OZ. I could hear the cackles and foreign conversation in the hallway from the lady folk as if they knew I was waiting for them and they were not coming.

With every pulsating, pressure packed motion of his fingers against my scalp and temples, the sounds of Korean Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ seemed to grow louder and louder. At first I thought it was the longest rendition ever but after thirty minutes, I discovered it was on repeat. He was Jack Dawson and reluctantly, I was his Rose Bukater, nervously lying on his table waiting for the moment when I was to undress so he could draw me nude, diamond in tow. I was afraid of what was to come.

Then he said turn over.

Now you might be asking yourself “why would I continue to stay in that awkward situation? Why didn’t I just get up and leave or ask for a female to finish the job or something along those lines? I consider myself a progressive thinker, comfortable in my skin and content with my sexuality. Yeah that would be a great answer but the truth is 1) it felt good, 2) my feet hurt which is why I went in there in the first place, and 3) it felt so awkwardly good that I freaking fell asleep.

Yes, for about 30 minutes of a 70 minute quasi-rape I was asleep. I caught myself snoring several times and kept jumping up removing the rape towel from my face to not only see exactly where he was, but to also make sure he still had his pants on.

But I digress.

As the session wound down, I found myself connected to my new friend. Not because he had his little yellow hand in mine, but because we were closer now. I mean literally is sack was right next to my forehead as he proceeded to punch my thighs with karate chops of fury. All the while I could hear the grumbling of his stomach as if he was longing for love…and a steaming bowl of rice. I imagine he felt we could share it like Asian Lady and the Tramp if only for a few minutes before the kitchen owners beat us to death and served us to other patrons. What a romantic evening.

When it was time to go, I gathered my belongings and headed for the door.

“Thank you,” I uttered still in stunned disbelief of what had just occurred. He giggled and followed me to the door. A man and a woman sitting on the couch in the lobby broke their conversation in order to give their undivided attention to me as I walked slowly as if deflowered to the counter to pay.

I sat in my car in silence reliving what had just happened. I wondered what I could have done differently, how I could have prevented discovering this part of myself. Absolutely nothing was the conclusion I came too.

So now I find myself wanting to shop for great abstract colors like mint, plum and mauve. I feel a need to wear bowties with long sleeve shirts and jeans. And I’m also craving sausages and pickles. Weird.

So to all my gay friends, I hope you welcome me into your big gay world with big gay drinks, big gay parties and help me adjust to my new super gay lifestyle.

Thank you Gay Foot Spa for all you’ve done for me?

UT Arlington Mavericks defeat Texas State Bobcats 75-50

“It feels real good.”

These were the words from UT Arlington Mavericks (11-9, 6-5 in WAC) senior guard Kevin Butler, after the 75-50 win over the Texas state Bobcats 7-17, 3-9 in WAC) at the College Park Center last night.

Butler was taken out of the starting lineup recently, because of a lingering knee injury.

Injury or not, Butler was hot, shooting 50 percent from the field, and leading all scorers, with a season-high 21 points.

“He’s (Butler) so good in transition,” said Mavericks head coach Scott Cross. “When we get a turnover, he attacks. He is very confident in his shooting,” said Cross.

The Mavericks were in complete control from the tip, keeping the Bobcats scoreless the first five minutes of the half.

Butler started things off with the baack to back three pointers to take an early 6-0 lead, with 16:08 remaining.

The Mavs stingy defense was on fire, they even forcet the Bobcats into a shot clock violation. They also forced 14 first half turnovers, but they also committed 11 themselves. Almost half of their points were scored on turnovers in the half (14).

The Mavs went into the half leading the ‘Cats 31-26. Butler lead all Mavs with six points.

In the second half, the Mavs exploded, outscoring the Bobcats 44-23. The Mavericks shot 48 percent from the field, and held the Bobcats to a %2.5 FG percentage, shooting 3-of-24 from the field.

“That’s the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and I hope that we can do it again,” said Cross.

For players like junior forward Brandon Edwards, who lead all players with 11 rebounds, beating Texas State was the only thing on his mind. In the last game, the Mavericks won 91-74, but they felt like they could have played better.

“Defense was our goal,” Edwards said. ” “We wanted to step up, and hold them under %40 percent. That’s what we were talking about all week,” said Edwards.

Edwards knows that there is no turning back.

“I feel like I got to rebound, I have to go out there and get the loose balls, to help the team win, and to help the team with that extra energy on the offensive and defensive end,” said Edwards.

Next up, the Mavericks will face off against the UTSA Roadrunners (1-10, 0-7 in WAC), on Saturday February 9th. The game will start at 7 pm. The Mavs are 3-6 at home, and have four more games to avoid a losing record at home for the first time in the history of the College Park Center.

“Overall, I am pleased with where we are right now,” Cross said. “We haven’t played our best basketball. I think we are going to play our best basketball between now, and the WAC Tournament,” said Cross.

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Dallas Cowboys NT Jay Ratliff was reportedly at bowling alley before DWI

ARLINGTON, Texas – Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff was arrested and charged with DWI early Tuesday morning. (Grapevine Police Department)

A very credible witness informed me that Ratliff was last seen at a bowling alley in Euless, Texas, before his black Ford F-150 truck struck an 18-wheeler in Grapevine, Texas.

The bowling alley in question does serve alcohol, as allowed by TABC permits.

Ratliff was the only occupant of the vehicle, and was not injured in the crash. He was arrested after officers who responded to the scene determined he was intoxicated. Raliff was arraigned, and bonded out of jail Tuesday morning.

A breath sample to determine intoxication was refused, according to Grapevine Police Department senior officer Sam Shemwell. A search warrant was requested, and allowed to draw blood, but toxicology results still are pending. Police did determined that Ratliff was at fault in the crash.

Will update as more details become available.

Mavs can’t get hot, lose 61-44 at home to Seattle University

by DeMario Davis

ARLINGTON, Texas — Sometimes you’re hot, and sometimes you’re not. The UT Arlington Men’s Basketball (8-7, 3-3 in WAC) team should have been ice, as they gave the Seattle University Redhawks (5-10, 1-5 in WAC) their first win in conference play, losing 61-44, in front of 1,082 fans in at the College Park Center last night.

Seattle University got off to a hot start, outscoring the Mavericks 12-2 in the first five minutes of the half. Mavericks sophomore forward Greg Gainey was able to respond with a bucket down low, assisted by junior guard Shaquille White-Miller with 12:41 remaining.

The Mavericks continued to to fight in the game, but was not able to withstand the initial burst from Seattle. The Redhawks, lead by senior forward Chad Rasmussen, extended the lead by as many as 20 points, before the Mavericks were finally able to cut the defecit down to 15 points, with 11:42 remaining in the second half.

“We never could get over the hump,” Mavericks head coach Scott Cross said about the start. “We were fighting from behind, we can’t hit shots (inside), we can’t get to the free throw line, we can’t hit shots (outside), we miss the shots close to the basket. That definitely hurt us,” Cross said.

Many Mavericks were just off in this game. Freshman guard Drew Charles missed his first two shots from behind the ark with air balls. Seattle responded each time, with consecutive three pointers, to extend their lead  18-4. Charles finally got on the board, nailing a three pointer, with 3:30 remaining. The Mavericks trailed the Redhawks 28-12 at that point.

Seattle went into halftime, with a 36-20 lead over the Mavs. The Seahawks shot 53.8% percent from the field in the first half. The Mavericks shot only 23.3% percent. Junior guard Karol Gruszecki was 1-9 from the field, he scored three points, and made one of his two attempts at the stripe.

Senior forward Jordan Reeves was 0-5 from the field, but tallied up 11 rebounds, 1 assist, 0 turnovers, 2 blocks, 2 steals, and 4 points (4-5 FT). Sophomore guard Jamel Outler was the only other Maverick not to make a shot from the field (0-7). Outler scored two points, making two of four from the line. Junior Greg Gainey lead all scorers (t-Rasmussen), with 13 points. He also made 3 steals, and grabbed 4 rebounds in the game.

“At home we are just not getting it done, we got to get it done,” Gainey said.

The only positive that Cross took from the game was the turnovers forced. The Mavericks went forced nine steals against the Redhawks. They are currently ranked fourth in the WAC, averaging 8.2 steals per game.

The Redhawks started the second half on fire from behind the arc, and the Mavericks kept the pace – as far as scoring was concerned. The Mavericks were 28.1% percent from the field in the second half, scoring 24 points. The Redhawks shot 61.1% percent from the field, scoring 25 points in the second half.

Senior forward Kevin Butler knows that the team must get better. He knows that it starts with the starting five. “We have to set the tone, we have to play better defense,” Butler said. Butler also talked about the senior leadership, and their ability to help the team – especially at tomorrow’s practice.

“I know its going to be a tough practice, and we’re all going to have to buckle down,” Butler said. The team has practice today, and they will tip off against the Idaho Vandals (6-10, 2-4 in WAC) tomorrow night.

Cross knows that the next 24 are critical, in the mavs avoiding going 0-5 at home.

“Seattle was more physical on both ends of the floor, and we have to figure out why it is, that we are playing on the road better than we are at home, and we have to get if fixed quickly, like tomorrow,” Cross said.

Cross also mentioned that he planned on doing a lot of soul-searching with his staff, for the next 24-hours, about Saturday’s game. Cross was not too fond of the team’s performance on defense.

“We were bad on both ends tonight,” Cross said. “We have to figure it out.”

Tip off for Saturday’s game versus the Vandals will be at 7pm CST. The game will be broadcasted lîve on KKDA 730 AM. Live streaming, and stats will be available via

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NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round

The divisional round of the NFL playoffs is here, and only eight teams remain in the quest for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Saturday January 12, 2012

Baltimore Ravens (10-6) at Denver Broncos (13-3) 4:30 pm ET on CBS

The Ravens head to Mile High, to face off against the hottest team in the NFL. The Broncos are riding an 11-game winning streak going into this game. The Ravens are riding on the momentum of the announced retirement of linebacker of Ray Lewis. Joe Flacco, is the second quarterback to win his first five playoff games, since Otto Gram, way back when. Will this be enough to top MVP candidate Peyton Manning, and the second scoring offense in the NFL?

Green Bay Packers (11-5) at San Francisco 49ers (11-4-1) 8 pm ET on ET FOX

For quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers, this is a chance at redemption, after the team’s 30-22 loss in week one. John Harbaugh decided to go with the hot arm, with quarterback Colin Kapernick. The team went 5-3 with Kapernick. The Packers have won four of their last six, including the playoffs. This can be a little misleading – they played the Minnesota Vikings three times, in those five games.

Sunday January 13, 2012

Seattle Seahawks (11-5) at Atlanta Falcons (13-3) 1:00 pm ET on FOX

This match up should be epic. The aggressive Seahawks will be tasked with containing one of the league’s most productive passers in Matt Ryan. If that is not enough, they still have tight end Tony Gonzalez, and recievers, Roddy White, and Julio Jones to defend. That shouldn’t be too difficult for the Seahawks, they have allowed 245 points all season, the highest in the NFL.

Houston Texans (12-4) at New England Patriots (12-4) 4:00 ET on CBS

The Texans have had all of the hype this season, while the Patriots have cruised under the radar. The Texans will need to get it together, if they hope to win. They have lost three of their last five games, while the Patriots have won nine of their last 10 games. The Patriots destroyed the Texans, 42-14 in their regular season match up.

Our Picks:

Steven: Baltimore, Seattle, Green Bay, Houston

Tony: Denver, Seattle, Green Bay, New England

DeMario: Baltimore, Seattle, San Francisco, New England


By: Steven Johnson, Host of the CaP Show

Saturday marked the first day of playoffs, and there was one good game. Cincinnati had a chance to win, but an interception, as they were going to score, cost them the game. The Bengals kept the game close, but the better team prevailed, and that was the Houston Texans. Arian Foster played like the pro bowler he is, and Matt Schaubb played well enough to win. There next test is the New England Patriots, man what a difficult task that will be. The Texans offense will have to come out swinging and not come out flat in order to win this game.

Now the other game on Saturday was the Vikings vs the Packers. Christian Ponder did not play because of tricep bruise. Minnesota looked good at first but their passing game lacked tremendously! Joe Webb was thought to be the X factor in this game but he stink it up with his terrible passing. The Packers were the obvious better team and they played like it too, their offense was never challenged. The only reason why the game was interesting is because the all mighty Adrian Peterson was playing and he failed to produce like he did in the two previous games.

In today’s games, the first game was Ravens vs Colts, in Ray Lewis’s last home game for the Ravens. Every one say in anticipation to see Lewis come out and do the signature dance and as he did, I found myself doing the dance too! The Ravens dominated in the game and made Luck looked like a true rookie. Ray Lewis had a game high 13 tackles and 1 pass defended. All in all they looked great today, even though Ray Rice had two fumbles lost. Hopefully the Ravens can give the Broncos and Peyton a run for their money because I want to see Lewis with a championship in his final year.

Finally the last game of the day was the most anticipated game of the playoffs, the rookie bowl… RG3 vs R-Dub! Russell Wilson and the Seahawks didn’t come out on fire until the second quarter making the game a 14-13 score in favor of the Redskins. Seahawks stopped RG3 in almost every possession in the third and fourth quarter. Russell Wilson looked poised and determined to win the game. Griffin did not finish the game because of his sprained knee. His knee gave him enough juice to get passed the Cowboys, but the Seahawks the juice let up. Cousins finished the game and he failed to put points on the board. The Seahawks are truly a team to worry about in playoffs.

So here are the upcoming games, Houston vs New England; Baltimore vs Denver, for the AFC, and Green Bay vs San Francisco; Seattle vs Atlanta… Want my prediction? Sure, listen to the CaP Show on Wednesday night 730-930… “Put ya CaP on!!!”